About Blossomlifestyle

blossomlifestyle is here to help the busy, working mom learn quick, easy tips for better self-care through faith, fashion, beauty and family.

We inspire you to embrace your personal definition.

God made each of us unique. He gave each of us our personal definition. And, guess what?!

God never makes junk!

This means we should love our personal definition, the person He made!

This can be tough at times. We all lead busier and busier lives that we tend to let ourselves fall by the wayside.

It’s time to make a change.

It’s time we reflect on our relationship with Jesus, our relationship with those around us and even our relationship with ourselves.

About Us

Hey Hey! This is us - Joshua, Kimberly, ReiAnn, Asher and Elijah!

Our novel is maybe a little different from most. We don't have any lavish story of going from 0-60 in a matter of months from some amazing idea we came up with.

We took the very long, drawn out road that has a fairly anti-climatic sequence. Instead of an "aha" moment of discovering or inventing something amazing, we were more like "here's a potential opportunity; let's hop on the train before it drives away" sorta thing.

Kimberly is a Dr. Pepper addict, natural leader, go-getter, nerd for knowledge, techy geek, gamer girl without skill, self-taught graphic designer and code monkey and longs for data overload mixed with coffee.

Joshua is the finance guy with sound judgment, social instincts, gamer dude with a sense of humor leaving you laughing so hard that your abs will hurt. Oh, he loves coffee, too!

Kimberly has been chasing her entrepreneur dream since her teens. Idea after idea, business after business. Failing time again and again.

Then something happened.

Joshua's mom was over here helping with the kids after the birth of our youngest. After living in maternity clothes, Joshua's clothes and over-sized clothing to hide this humongous mommy tummy from Diastasis Recti (and being so overly tired of people thinking she was preggo)...mother-in-law decided it was time for some LuLaRoe leggings and cute clothes.

Kimberly became hooked and started feeling like a million bucks! All of her maternity and baggy clothes were immediately tossed into a bag to be donated and she gave all of Joshua's clothes back. He was happy.

She started this LuLaRoe business and it just took off…within a year’s timespan that is!

But through this business they created an amazing community of mothers who support each other through faith, positivity and family.

This sparked a nostalgic memory for Kimberly. As a child she used to want to be a missionary and pretended to preach to the masses. When this memory came to the forefront of her brain, she balled her eyes out realizing what was happening here.

And thus, the Farrally Duo decided to create a brand that reflected this mission.

blossomlifestyle was born.

It’s a community focusing in strengthening our relationship with Jesus, our families, our friends and ourselves.

It’s a faithspired boutique that gives back to the missions and charities.

It’s a safe-haven for all women in Christ to come together without judgement.

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