Part 1: Seriously, Skincare

Part 1 - Seriously, Skincare.jpg

Do you know when you should start a regular skincare routine?

Sure, as teenagers and young adults we start washing our faces as we battled acne. But, that's not what I'm talking about here.

I'm talking about REAL skincare, to prepare your skin for the future you as you start to age.

For myself, I thought I would start once my skin started to show signs of aging. That meant waiting for the first wrinkle or the first age spot to show up.

Some of the reasons were because I lacked the financial ability for a proper skincare routine or I was simply too busy to add it into my schedule. I mean, I was already running late everywhere, how could I possibly add in another task?

It's important to be ahead of the game. If you wait for "signs of aging" to show, then you've waited too long and now you're playing catch up.

This means, starting as early as your young 20s.

If you start early, you're staying ahead of the game and thus increasing the life of your youthful skin.

I'm 35, and I'm just now starting my skincare routine more on a dedicated level. And, now I'm playing catch-up as I have age spots showing up already.

However, it's ok if you're late to the game. It is better to be late than never start at all.

Are you ready to learn more about a proper skincare routine that's manageable to increase the life of your skin?

Check back here next Saturday for the next installment of "Seriously, Skincare” where we’re going to discuss washing your face.