Wash Your Face (Part 1: Seriously, Skincare)

Part 1 - Seriously, Skincare - Wash Your Face.jpg

If you don't wash your face daily, you need to start NOW!

All day long your face is accumulating so much junk (i.e. dirt, pollution), that it's just gross to think about leaving all that stuff all over your skin and into your pores. Throughout the day natural oils and sweat accumulate on the skin, too.

All this stuff builds up on your outer skin. Not removing all this gunk at the end of the day can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and acne breakouts.

But, on the flip side you want to make sure you don't wash your face too much. Morning and night as well as after any heavy workouts or excessive sweating is generally enough, unless you're someone prone to skin infections.

However, washing your face too much can lead to dry, irritated skin. It can also make your skin to paradoxically produce too much oil.

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