What Is Self-Care To You?

What is Selfcare To You.jpg

What is self-care to you and why is it important?

The full definition of self-care can be unique to each single individual.  However, in general it's about taking out time to do something for yourself that is going to better you.

Self-care is important because it makes you a better mom, wife, sister, friend, etc.  

You can't effectively take care of others, if you can't take care of yourself.  

If you're lacking sleep, you're going to be too tired to effectively concentrate on your son's homework or driving to/from work.  If you're sick and you don't take the appropriate steps to getting yourself healthy means you're going to take longer to heal and thus being less really present for your family or work.

Some people think it's selfish to take time for yourself.

But, it's really not!  It's actually quite the opposite!

Self-care can range from getting an extra hour of sleep at night, seeing the doctor, making sure you remember your vitamins, skincare, getting dressed in the mornings or putting on makeup, getting your cup of coffee or sitting down and watching your favorite episode of Grey's Anatomy.

🗨️ I challenge you to sit down today and figure out what self-care means to YOU.

Right now, don't worry about how much time each definition would take to accomplish or the effort that goes into it.  

What is important to you?  

Just write down everything that defines self-care to you.