The Proper Way to Wash Your Face (Seriously, Skincare: Part 1)

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Washing your face the correct way is a simple skin care step that could be the secret to better, healthier skin.

1. Wash your face every night, but twice a day is best

You should be washing your face every morning and every night before bed.  At the very bare minimum, you should wash your face before bed.  As mention in our second article called "Wash Your Face", your skin accumulates sweat, pollution and dirt all day long.  You need to wash that gross gunk off!

But at night, your skin is building up with oils from your hair, bacteria from your saliva and more sweat.  You should be washing this junk off your face every morning, too!

2. The double cleanse is a must

To properly wash your face, you should be doing the double cleanse.  But, what is the double cleanse?

This means you first wash your face using an oil cleanser.  This is going to draw our oil-based debris such as sebum, makeup, SPF and pollutants.  Water-based cleansers aren't capable of remove oil-based debris because oil and water don't mix.

First, take that oil cleanser and massage it onto your face in gentle, upward circular motions.  Then add water to your face and massage again to emulsify the product.  If you're doing this correctly, it should turn into a milky-like substance.  Now, rinse off the oil cleanser with lukewarm water.

You’ll next use a foaming or cream cleanser.  This will draw out the water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.

Once the oil cleanser is thoroughly rinsed off, add the foam or cream cleanser to your face.  Again, using gentle, upward circular motions.  Then, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Don't forget to do this every morning and night!

3. Lukewarm is warm enough

My husband swears by steamy hot water when washing his face.  He says it feels like he's burning off any bacteria and germs.  Others say it feels like a little steam treatment.  However, this can be very irritating to the skin.

You’re messing with the way your skin protects itself and could be causing damage.

“Extreme temperatures, such as hot, steamy showers or hot water, can cause dilation of blood vessels and breakage of delicate tissue,” warns Dr. Zeichner. “Further, the hot water naturally strips skin of the necessary oil barrier that helps maintain skin integrity.”

Meaning, your skin will dry out quicker, become more itchy and flaky over time.

Stick to lukewarm to cool water.

4. Gently pat dry with only a clean, unused towel.

I know, I despise laundry, too. But you really need to be using a new clean washcloth each and every single time.

As discovered in our last article, "10 Mistakes You're Making When Washing Your Face", your washcloths build up with bacteria and mold and you could be transferring all this to your face! Experts say to toss that washcloth into your hamper each time.

Now, I understand this might seem like you’re creating extra laundry. So, try having several basic wash cloths that are cheap around your house to prevent you from needing to do the laundry more often. Amazon has a set of 24 for only $25 if you click here.

And, make sure you pat dry. Don't scrub.

I would love to hear what you think about these methods in the comments below!

Make sure to check back next week for the next installment of “Seriously, Skincare” where we’re going to tell you how an every day health nutrient could be your Fountain of Youth.