Part 2: However, Haircare

Part 2 - However, Haircare.jpg

Our next installment of our Self-Care Series is “However, Haircare.”

It’s so important to take care of your hair just as it is with your skin. Having a proper haircare routine can keep your hair healthy and younger longer.

Yes, I said younger.

Just how we use anti-aging skincare formulas to keep our skin younger longer and slow down the aging process, we should also be using anti-aging formulas for our hair.

How often do you wash your hair?

What’s your haircare routine?

What haircare products do you love and hate?

How often should you use various hair products?

What affects do each type of hair product have on your hair?

What styling products should you use in your hair?

And for those of us who love to color our hair, how do you keep that color last longer and look healthy?

We’ll be covering topics like these during this installment. So, check back next weekend for our first article, “6 Reasons Why You Actually Should Wash Your Hair.”