5 Minute Morning Skincare Routine (Seriously, Skincare: Part 1)

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A solid morning skincare routine is just as crucial as a good nighttime routine. Daytime skincare is all about protection and preservation from the day like dirt and all the pollutant and fumes that blow into your face.

Some of us think we can save money now and wait until we start showing signs of aging before beginning a good skincare routine. However, this isn’t true.

You should really be starting your skincare routine in your early twenties while you have your youthful complexion to maintain it. By doing so, you’ll save more money in the long run.

Now, we all know this could be a 12 step program. There’s so many products out there on the market. But, ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’ve broken down the essentials and created a 5 minute morning skincare routine for you!

1. Cleansing Oil

We mentioned in our previous article, “The Proper Way to Wash Your Face”, that you should be doing the double cleanse twice a day. This is that first half of the double cleanse. Check out that article why you need to use cleansing oil first, even if you are prone to oily skin. In short, it’s going to remove all the oil based gunk off your face such as sebum.

2. Water-Based Cleanser

The second of that the double cleanse is the water-based cleanser. Again, cannot stress enough the importance of washing your face with the double cleanse every morning and every night! The water-based cleanser is used to pull out the water-based debris like sweat and dirt.

3. Toner

This is the first barrier you should apply to your skin. A good toner will balance your skin’s pH. It’ll also hydrate your skin. Put a few drops of the toner around your face and press it into your skin evenly. Do not use cotton pads!

Time Saving Tip! I personally like the cleaners made by SeneGence because it has all 3 of the above in a single product. It uses molecules that have one side made of oil and the other water. It also has toner in it to level your pH and hydrate your skin. Saves you even more time in the morning!

4. Hydraluronic Acid

In our previous blog entry called, “Why is Vitamin C and Hydraluronic Acid Important For My Skin”, we discovered how Vitamin C Serum (in the next step) and Hydraluronic Acid when in their purest form helps our skin stay youthful and healthy.

The Hydraluronic Acid is a powerful humectant that grabs onto moisture and binds it to the skin.  It help improve your skin's ability to hold in hydration and infuse it into the deeper layers.  This helps diminish fine lines, signs of aging and provides yours skin with intense hydration!

5. Vitamin C Serum

Check out last week’s blog entry to learn more about this miracle in a bottle! In short, Vitamin C Serum promotes collagen production and mitigates the effects of free radicals, thus creating firmer, younger skin.

6. Moisturizer

Do not think your sunscreen is a substitute for moisturizer! And, there’s no such thing as a skin that’s too hydrated! Hydration is a key element to keeping healthy skin.

Also, check your moisturizers. Some serve a certain purpose at night and others for day time. Our skincare for day and night are different because our daytime routine is all about preserving and protecting our skin whereas our nighttime routine addresses skin issues prior to the regenerative process of sleep kicks in.

7. Sun Protection

If you only have time for one step in your morning, don’t skip this one. Daily sun protection is as important as getting your proper water intake every day.

Time Saving Tip! SeneGence provides a mechanical shield in a lot of their skincare and makeup products. They cannot claim the word SPF because of federal regulations that deal with testing. However, it is a sun protection to prevent sun damage to your skin due to UV rays. This is not sunscreen to prevent sun burns, it’s a protection from sun damage. Sun damage (not just sun burns) can lead to skin cancer, premature aging and darkening of the skin. But, if you’re using any of SeneGence’s skincare products or makeup products with their mechanical shield, then you’re good here! I just love killing two birds with one stone…..except I would never actually kill a poor birdie.

I would love to hear about what products you recommend in the comments below!

Make sure to check back next week for the next installment of “Seriously, Skincare” where I’m going to expose my 5 minute nighttime skincare routine.