6 Reasons Why You Actually Should Wash Your Hair (Part 2: However, Haircare)

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Bragging about about how many workouts their most recent blowout has lasted through has become disturbingly popular nowadays. We’ve also succumb to the days of dry shampoo as our go-to.

Although it’s true that over-washing your hair can be harsh on the strands and strip them of their natural moisture, it’s also true that depending on your hair texture there can be such a thing as going too long between washes.

Without regular shampooing hair can become lackluster, smelly, age quicker and well get worse.

So, today we’re covering 6 Reasons Why You Actually Should Wash Your Hair.

1. Shampoo Is Basic Hygiene.

Does microfauno sound appealing to you? Yeah, me either.

And in case you’re not sure what that is, I’m going to save you a googling step right now and tell you in short they’re microscopic animals.

Not sure about you, but I’m not a fan of any creepy crawlers crawling around in my hair.

Sebum is nature’s hair conditioner. It’s constantly secreted out of the scalp and onto the hair and without washing it builds up. Not only can this leave the hair feeling and looking oily, but even worse, sebum acts as a food source for microfauna!

Plus, microfauna’s actions can lead to dandruff or even hair loss.

In addition, hair products build-up residue from conditioning and styling ingredients when you go without washing your hair. This can in turn cause dull, heavy, weighed down hair.

Trefor Evans, a cosmetic chemist and technical consultant to the hair-care industry, says it better than I ever could, “In short, this new ‘no poo’ movement is really a crock of…well, poo.”

2. Shampoo Acts Like Skincare

We just covered all the important reasons of proper skincare and reasons to wash your face in our previous installments of “Seriously, Skincare” and the blog article of “Wash Your Face.”

Just as washing your face is important to keep your skin healthy and clean, the same goes for shampoo and your scalp.

Dry shampoo binds and pulls oil away from the scalp but it doesn’t remove it. And that can leave the hair dry.

Not to mention all the dead skin on the scalp, hair product residue like oils and volumizers, all need to be removed intermittently. Otherwise, they can block hair follicles and therefore lead to inflammation.

3. It’s the First Step in Style

Every good blowout starts in the shampoo bowl, right?!

“Using the correct shampoo for your hair type resets hair and gives you a good foundation for any style,” says Greg Ruggeri who is a stylist, colorist and owner of Salon Ruggeri in New York City.

For example, if you have thin hair, a volumizing shampoo cleanses hair of the build-up that deflates its volume. Shampoo made for thick course hair will hydrate and coat the cuticle to weigh down flyaways.

Skipping shampoo altogether prevents your hair from being fully prepared to hold the style you’re looking to achieve.

Again, I couldn’t say it any better than Greg here, “Lastly, it’s plain-old good hygiene. No one wants to talk to someone whose B.O. enters the room before they do, and no amount of fragranced dry shampoo is truly going to mask it. “

4. All Healthy Hair Begins at the Roots

They say the health of your scalp directly translate to the health of your hair.

I honestly cannot explain it any better than Carlos K Wesley, a New York City-based cosmetic surgeon specializing in men’s and women’s hair loss.

“Since skin turns over approximately every 28 days, the build up of [dead skin] scales can grow more pronounced if you don’t wash your scalp. Washing hair has been shown to significantly reduce the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, in hair follicles and this hormone has been associated with increased hair thinning in women. Female patients often admit they're afraid to wash their scalp because they see hair in the shower drain afterwards. But we normally have about 100 hairs fall out every day and about 100 hairs grow back, so the more days we wait, the larger the number of dislodged hairs grows. Regular cleaning with well-formulated shampoo will not damage hair. In fact, some studies show that it may help fragile hair by decreasing grooming force.”

5. It Keeps Hair Color Vibrant

Sarah Spratt, a colorist at Takamichi Hair in New York City, claims to have a love-hate relationship with shampoo.

The wrong one can destroy your color but the right one can give you a lot of benefits.

Washing the oil out makes your color seem brighter. Specific tinted shampoos can also help keep your hair looking fresher longer!

She also recommends for those with an oily scalp to keep those pores clean.

6. Shampoo Is Not Out to Damage Your Hair

If you feel like your shampoo is causing breakage then you should consider tweaking your conditioning, heat styling and brushing routines.

Daily washers should choose the right shampoo and conditioner to get their hair and scalp clean without over-stripping with the deciding factor being how your scalp produces oil and sweat or if it’s prone to irritation.

A great conditioner and minimizing your heat treatments like blow drying, curling and flatironing can also help prevent breakage and damage.

Another thing to recognize is your brushing habits after washing your hair. Reduce tugging on wet hair while brushing it to minimize breakage and stretching of the hair shaft, which ultimately just makes it weaker.

I would love to hear in the comments below how often you wash your hair?

Make sure to check back next week for the next entry of “However, Haircare” where we’re going to talk about “Reverse Washing: Conditioner Before Or After Shampoo?”