God Has Better Solutions Than You

As I was reading my devotion last night this one hit home. It's exactly what I've been going through and exactly what I needed. So I'm sharing this one with you all today.

Does your mind seem to whirl out of control, pulling you helplessly through endless mental dialogues and countless "what ifs?"

It's a difficult way to live. It upsets your equilibrium as well as derails your inner joy and peace.

God cares about those things that keep you awake at night. He knows what you need and has a solution in process before you even ask.

But, unless you know and believe that, you're left thinking you have to work through every situation on your own.

But, you're not alone.

You will find relief from those troubling thoughts when you are able to acknowledge that God has better solutions for your problems than you could ever come up with.

Next time you find yourself drowning, invite God to take charge. He will give you insight and help you separate the real from the imagined.

Soon you'll be back on track, ready to focus again on the matters at hand.

- paraphrased from "God Cares For You" by Dayspring

Watch this 2 minute devotional and learn about God’s solutions.

Then comment below if you have a time when God had a better solution than you!