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6 Reasons Why You Actually Should Wash Your Hair (Part 2: However, Haircare)

Bragging about about how many workouts their most recent blowout has lasted through has become disturbingly popular nowadays. We’ve also succumb to the days of dry shampoo as our go-to.

Although it’s true that over-washing your hair can be harsh on the strands and strip them of their natural moisture, it’s also true that depending on your hair texture there can be such a thing as going too long between washes.

Without regular shampooing hair can become lackluster, smelly, age quicker and well get worse.

So, today we’re covering 6 Reasons Why You Actually Should Wash Your Hair.

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5 Minute Morning Skincare Routine (Seriously, Skincare: Part 1)

A solid morning skincare routine is just as crucial as a good nighttime routine. Daytime skincare is all about protection and preservation from the day like dirt and all the pollutant and fumes that blow into your face.

Some of us think we can save money now and wait until we start showing signs of aging before beginning a good skincare routine. However, this isn’t true.

You should really be starting your skincare routine in your early twenties while you have your youthful complexion to maintain it. By doing so, you’ll save more money in the long run.

Now, we all know this could be a 12 step program. There’s so many products out there on the market. But, ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’ve broken down the essentials and created a 5 minute morning skincare routine for you!

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10 Mistakes You're Making When Washing Your Face (Part 1: Seriously, Skincare)

Washing your face sounds pretty basic, right? But, it’s truly such an important first step to healthy skin and a proper skin-care routine. But, several of us are washing our faces wrong.

“Proper facial cleansing prevents acne breakouts, can improve skin health, and may even reduce skin inflammation,” explains Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Let’s walk through 10 mistakes you might be making.

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What Is Self-Care To You?

The full definition of self-care can be unique to each single individual.  However, in general it's about taking out time to do something for yourself that is going to better you. Some people think it's selfish to take time for yourself. But, it's really not!  It's actually quite the opposite!

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