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What's the Difference Between Classic Storehouse Flats and Oil Tanned?

The number one Storehouse Flats question we're asked is to explain the difference between the Classic and Oil Tanned flats.  Today, we're going to answer that for you.

Why Backpacks Are Trending More for Women.

Did you know the fashion industry has seen a huge increase in the popularity of backpacks among women, even those in the office and corporate world...

5 Trending Women's Shoes of Summer 2020

There might be some surprising trends in women shoes for summer 2020.  First of all, summer didn't go quite as planned for many.  The pandemic real...

Three Way to Protect Your Storehouse Flats

I have been asked by several Storehouse Flats fans how to protect their investment and lengthen the life of their favorite ballet flats. Today, we ...

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