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5 Trending Women's Shoes of Summer 2020

5 Trending Women's Shoes of Summer 2020

There might be some surprising trends in women shoes for summer 2020.  First of all, summer didn't go quite as planned for many.  The pandemic really hampered some of our style for a playful, outgoing, fun-filled packed summer vacation. 

Hanging out at the beaches, fishing at the lake, having drinks with your girlfriends poolside or enjoying an evening stroll through downtown...turned into lounging on couches binge watching our favorite tv shows, working out to online gym classes, homeschooling our children and eating barbecue with immediate families instead of neighborhood gatherings.

We thought our top trending shoes would have been heels, wedges and Mary Janes for the office or strappy cute sandals for a hot date night.

Miami Shoes TINA-1 Black Miami Shoes HERS-3 in White
Trends predicted strappy heels and platforms were going to be the hype for summer 2020.

Now, some of us still were able to work and go to the office.  Did your style change because of the situation the world is facing?  Or, did your style continue as normal?

Instead, we saw shoe styles like ballet flats, sneakers, sandals and house shoes trend upward as more people were staying home indoors.  Not sure about most other people, but I know I enjoyed feeling comfortable and, I'll admit it, lazy at the start of all this.

Storehouse Flats

1. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats continue to trend upward as women are loving the comfort and all the colorful options to match any mood or attire.  Whether we're staying home or out and about working, Storehouse Flats have been a top choice for style and keeping our feet happy.

Nalho Kamala Espadrilles Beige Camo

2. Espadrilles Sandals with Yoga Mat Footbeds

When it comes to staying home for long periods of time, you want something quick and easy to slip on to go outside and grab the mail.

And, when you're standing in long lines while social distancing at the grocery store waiting for your turn to grab a gallon of milk, you want something comfortable to stand on.

Espadrilles sandals with yoga mat footbeds have been trending all summer! We imagine it's for this very reasoning.

Soda Croft Sneakers in Clay Gray

3. Memory Foam Sneakers

We all enjoy a comfortable shoe that's also stylish.  They say beauty is pain but we don't believe in that!  You can be comfortable without ruining a great outfit.  Slip-on sneakers with memory foam insoles continue to trend.

4. Camo Shoes

Camo has been an incredible trending print in all things fashion.  From shoes, to clothes and to accessories you can find camouflage prints galore.

So it's no surprise that a cozy kickaround sneaker that is slip-on and in the popular camo print would be a top trendy shoe summer 2020.


Cobian Aloha Sandals

5. Comfortable Sandals and Flip-Flops

We all love those summer sandals even when we're not able to hang out at the beach.  Some of us come up with fun alternatives to still enjoy the cool waters in the summer heat.  So stylish, comfortable and water-friendly sandals are a must!

Then, as we didn't see an end in the near sight, I personally, decided I was going to get up and get going even if I wasn't going anywhere.  So, my favorite shoes came out of the closet and got some love when I went grocery shopping, getting the mail or playing outside with the kids. 

We also started seeing a trend of shoe shopping habits change as we got further into the summer.  I would assume it's because we all wanted some sense of normalcy during a time of when things are very much not normal.

How did your style progress throughout the pandemic and what have you done to experience a little bit of normalcy in your routine?

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