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7 Simple Style Hacks to Change Up Your Current Wardrobe and Save You Money

7 Simple Style Hacks to Change Up Your Current Wardrobe and Save You Money

If you're anything like me, you're always playing "catch up."  I feel like I'm constantly behind and stressed on time.

With 3 young children all 5 and under, a husband who I sometimes feel like is another kid, the cutest German Shepherd baby, a full-time day job with a full-time side business...I barely have time for myself.

I have this timeline called life running at a constant speed of 100 miles per hour and I'm always just a few tick marks behind.  And it seems like I never catch up.

So many mornings, I decide to forget the make-up.  I'll shower, comb my hair and let it air dry.  Then, I'll spend the rest of the time making sure my kids are presentable and ready for school or whatever they have going on for the day.

I don't have time to watch YouTube video tutorials on all the cool knots, fashion tips that I can't figure out or go to the malls and try to curate outfits that look as bomber as Jessica Simpson.

If any of this speaks to your heart and you're sitting there nodding your head as you're reading this, then check out these 7 very simple on-the-go style hacks.


You can add a belt to just about any outfit and it can really help pull it all together.  Jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, over your cardigan, kimono or vest.  It's a stylish but simple accessory to help finish the look.

Style Hack #1: Add a Belt
Style Hack #2: Roll Them Sleeves


Whether you're wearing a long-sleeve button-up or a short-sleeve t-shirt, rolling the sleeves adds a dimensional look that's so in right now.  It can turn your outfit into office-swoon-worthy or even a sweet casual look.  With long-sleeves, roll to just about a couple inches below your elbow.  With short-sleeves, roll 1-2 times. 

*photo credit: Kendra Campbell


I know, I just said I don't have time to learn knots.  But I love the simple knots and it is one of my favorite ways to style my outfits.  It's simple and quick, too!  When wearing a shirt just simply gather your fabric on one side, just offset of your mid-section a little.  Then, tie a regular ole knot.  Or, if you have those clear elastic ponytail holders, you can just wrap it like a ponytail but don't pull all the way through.  Basically, like how you would style a bun on the top of your head!  You can do this with your shirt, skirts or dresses!

*photo credit: Tasha Sisler

Style Hack #3: Tie a Knot

Style Hack #4 Tuck it in


If your shirt is a little long, consider tucking it in.  You can simply just tuck it all in, or you can gather the material in the front, take one of those clear elastic hair bands and make a ponytail out of said gathered material.  Then, tuck that ponytail into the front of your pants or skirt.  It creates a trendy look where it's not tucked in the back but a gathered tucked in the front.  Using the ponytail holder makes that gathered look stay in place.


Denim jackets are so in right now!  You can completely change the look of your outfit by adding a denim jacket.  You can just put it on as normal, or flop it over your shoulders.  If you work in the office, you can easily transition your work outfit into something casual for a night out just by adding a denim jacket.

Style Hack #5 Add a Jacket
Style Hack #6 Add a Button Up


This look can easily dress-up or dress-down an outfit.  I just love it when my clothes can be versatile for all occasions - it really saves money!  You can easily throw on a button-up shirt (long or short-sleeve) over anything you're wearing to change up the look.  You can leave it unbuttoned (which is my favorite!) or tie up the two front bottom ends together.


Have an over-sized shirt or dress?  Create an off the shoulder look!  Nothing gets easier than this and it completely changes the look altogether!  Go from comfy to trendy in a matter of seconds!

Style Hack #7 Off the Shoulder


Which style hacks have you tried, which are your favorite and which one are you going to go out and do right now?

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