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Why Backpacks Are Trending More for Women.

Why Backpacks Are Trending More for Women.

Did you know the fashion industry has seen a huge increase in the popularity of backpacks among women, even those in the office and corporate world?

Also, Millennials are replacing purses with backpacks. They're seriously all the rage these days.

According to The Atlantic, women are ditching their purses and wearing cute backpacks to the office. And, many of them say they'll never go back to an ordinary handbag.

And here's why...

  • Some women experience major shoulder pains and issues when carrying a traditional shoulder bag.
  • Carrying a backpack helps with posture.
  • It also frees up your hands as you don't have to worry about your purse constantly slipping off your shoulder (my current tote annoyingly does this every single time!).
  • Backpacks are more functional and women have gotten really into the functionality of their products. You're carrying your phone, your coffee - having that accessibility and having pockets for everything, that's giving them the value.

Beth Goldstein, NPD's accessories and footwear analyst thinks the spike the last few years is two-fold:

  1. More women are carrying backpacks to work, because they can go hands-free during their commute and fit everything they need for the day.
  2. More women are trading everyday purses for smaller, fashion backpacks because more brands are making them (plus they've been really cute and we're suckers for cute things!).

Backpacks come in several styles to match all the various personalities, functions and occasions.  And, one of the coolest things is that most come with a removable shoulder strap that you can change out to fit your personality or outfit of the day!  Collect the straps and change up your entire wardrobe in a snap!

Below are our Top 3 Favorite Trending Backpacks within the boutique world:



1. Maven Backpack with Colorful Removable Shoulder Strap

This edgy beauty's strap can be changed out to match your personality or outfit for the day.  Comes in black, camel, gray or blush.  This one is for the maven inside all of us!

Check out the details here.

2. Samantha Backpack with Matching Removable Shoulder Strap

With zippers for days, this backpack will satisfy your OCD!  The matching shoulder strap can be changed out to match your personality or outfit for the day, too.  Comes in black, blue, gray or blush.  This one is for those days when you need to carry it all but remain organized and functional!

Check out the details here.

3. Bella Backpack with Extendable Shoulder Strap

This one is for the trendsetter within us! Cute tassels as embellishments, zipper pockets and it's waterproof to survive through all the chaos of your day.

Check out the details here.


So tell us, are you one of the women who have exchanged their traditional purse for a stylish backpack?

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