Daisy Dollar Registration

We love blessing out amazing Blossoms with Daisy Dollars (aka LuLaCash or store credit)!  There are two ways to earn Daisy Dollars.  You will either receive physical cards in your snail mail packages.  Or, you could win virtual Daisy Dollars within our Facebook Group or Business Page from games, etc.  See below on how to redeem each kind of Daisy Dollars.

All Daisy Dollars expire 30 days after issuance.  Daisy Dollars cannot be combined with any other offers, sales, discounts, promotions or other Daisy Dollar blessings.  Daisy Dollars can only be redeemed with our Blossom Shop here.  We only allow one reward certificate to be used per item purchased.  Daisy Dollars will be forfeited if used on a cancelled order or on an item that is returned.  Daisy Dollars are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Virtual Daisy Dollar REdemption Process

To redeem your Virtual Daisy Dollars you must register your blessing by clicking the button below.  These kind of Daisy Dollars cannot be redeemed unless they are registered, so please do so as soon as you're blessed with them.

Please register each blessing separately!

Once you register your Daisy Dollars, we will automatically apply them to your next order.  Yay!

Physical Daisy Dollar Redemption Process

Sometimes inside of your packages or randomly in the mail system you might receive some Daisy Dollar cards.  To redeem your Daisy Dollars you will need to write the current date on the money side of the card and snap a photo to send to us via Facebook Messenger here.  They will not be redeemed unless you have written the current date on the correct side and before the invoice has been issued.  Once the invoice has been created and sent to you, Daisy Dollars cannot be applied.