Our Policies

During our sales we do not allow passing once you claim an item.  Behind the scenes, there's a lot of work that goes into items passed.  We immediately pull the claimed item and now someone else might have missed out on the item once claimed and then passed on.  However, don't worry, we have our Love It Guarantee.

If you claim an item while having a current open invoice, your claim will be passed on.  Please make sure you close out every invoice within 24 hours of the time we send it to you.

If an invoice goes unpaid within 24 hours, it'll automatically be cancelled and your items returned to the rack for sale.  You will also receive a strike.

We have a three-strike rule.  Each time you pass on an item or leave an invoice unpaid, you will receive a strike.  Once you receive three-strikes you will be added to our Weed List which means you'll be banned and blocked.

Now with that, we do understand life happens.  If something comes up, please contact us immediately and let us know.