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Our Story


I have been chasing my entrepreneur dream since my teens. Idea after idea, business after business. Failing time again and again.

Then something happened.

During my first pregnancy, I suffered from Diastasis Recti (my abs split) and somehow started farming fibroids like nobody's business! 

I'm apparently in the wrong business because I was an excellent farmer!  One of the fibroids was the size of a newborn baby's head and they just kept multiplying.

After our daughter was born, I had surgery to remove the fibroids.  Seven hours later and the surgeon decided there were just too many and she needed to find a stopping point.

I got pregnant two more times and the doctor's said it was miraculous I was 1. able to get keep getting pregnant and 2. making it full-term because I high risk for pre-term labor and uterine rupture.

So with all this, I remained looking pregnant.  At least I no longer looked like I was carrying twins when I wasn't.  But, it was still embarrassing and I was so tired of people asking me when the due date was.  

This meant I lived in maternity clothes and even my husband's clothes when I wasn't in uniform.  I had lost all motivation to try to dress up, do my hair, makeup, anything.  I felt frumpy and demotivated by my body image. 

I tried to remind myself it was all worth it because I brought in three beautiful, miracle babies.  And I do believe that!  But there was always this part of me that was ashamed to go to the pool in a swimsuit or dress up for a fancy party.

But after the birth of our youngest, Josh’s mom came down from Alaska to help out. 

Well, the mother-in-law decided it was time for me to try some LuLaRoe leggings and cute clothes to leave behind the unflattering wardrobe I had created.

I became hooked and started feeling like a million bucks! All of my maternity and baggy clothes were immediately tossed into a bag to be donated and I gave Josh all of his clothes back. He was happy.

A couple weeks later, I started my LuLaRoe business and boutique in October of 2016 and a grand opening in December right after I separated from Active Duty Air Force. 

This journey turned into something amazing with awesome friendships, industry knowledge and actual business skills.

Through this business we created an amazing community of mothers who support each other through faith, positivity and family.

Fast forward, during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020, we expanded our boutique from just LuLaRoe and clothes to adding in shoes, Storehouse Flats, jewelry, Sanctuary Girl, hats, Candy Club, Popcorn Shop, bath and body, hair accessories, makeup and beauty and more.

This journey has only just begun...and we cannot wait to see where it takes us and the people we will meet.  Like you!

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